Updated 11/26/2019

We are buying all cards still! We have moved to a new platform with TCGPlayer Pro. Anything can be brought in and we will quote a price based on condition! Typically we will be giving 50-65% of TCG Price in trade and slightly less in cash. See below for our hotlist and below that for bulk pricing!

Magic Hotlist – These are cards we are actively seeking. Trade these in and get 70% of TCG Market Price in credit! 

(Cash offers of 50% of TCG Market Price. All prices subject to approval by Meta-Games as condition, card language or other factors can affect market prices)

No current hotlist until Theros: Beyond Death!

Rares (M/NM, English Only): $0.10
Mythic Rares (M/NM, English Only): $0.20
Commons/Uncommons (English Only): $3.00 per thousand

Prices are always subject to change in store and based on condition. All prices are based on Near Mint condition and English language.